Calle Higuera, 17, 50171 La Puebla de Alfindén, Zaragoza
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Zaragoza Assemblies Paper

Of relative new formation as a company, our presence in Aragón and in the field of maintenance of industrial machinery dates back to 2010. However, the staff’s extensive experience and length of service define them as professionals and experts, given that their work in the world of paper machinery goes back to the last century, exactly in the middle of the 90s (1995).

calado mangueta con nitrogeno taller
calado mangueta con nitrogeno taller


Therefore, Zaragoza Assemblies Paper has almost 30 years’ experience as a service for the maintenance, assembly and supply of replacement parts, as well as the renovation of machinery within the paper production industry. This company stands out from others in the field because of the quality and safety of the work carried out, which fulfils our clients’ requirements for both quality and compliance with the Labour Risk Prevention Legislation.

Strategic location

Zaragoza Assemblies Paper is located in Calle Higuera, 17, 50171 Zaragoza, on the Malpica/La Puebla de Alfindén Industrial Estate, a few kilometres from the city of Zaragoza, the hub of the logistics’ industry in Spain; strategically placed near its main client in Aragon, Saica Paper, as well as the Aragonese capital’s airport.

Zaragoza Assemblies Paper carries out its activities mainly on the Iberian Peninsula and in the rest of Europe.

Nowadays, although such jobs “were well-paid”, Zaragoza Assemblies Paper limits itself to the immediate surroundings, given “the amount of work we have here in Spain, which minimises costs and means the work is done more quickly and therefore more efficiently.”

Hence, notable clients of Zaragoza Assemblies Paper include large groups in the sector like the prominent multinational Saica Paper as well as Saica Natur and Saica Pack, Industrie Cartiere Tronchetti, Essity, Kimberly Clark and Ahlstrom Munksiö Paper, amongst others.


“Backed by around 30 years’ experience, we are cutting edge in our field.“


At Zaragoza Assemblies Paper we have as clients large groups in the sector, both in Spain and abroad.

At Zaragoza Assemblies Paper we place great importance on Health and Safety in the workplace


At Zaragoza Assemblies Paper we place great importance on Health and Safety in the workplace. In fact, all our workers, from the staff of Administration and Management to those who work in the Departments of Engineering and Production, are highly trained and qualified in this area. “All our workforce have been properly trained to deal with every eventuality, as required by law.”

We would emphasise that the specialists in Machine Production and Repair, who are more at risk compared to other workers, have passed the course in Preventive Resources – “but the 60-hour course, thus ensuring that they are prepared for everyday occupational risks as well as being trained in how to monitor other workers in this area.”

In addition, they have passed the courses in handling and use of Forklifts, Bridge Cranes and Lifting Platforms, equipment in daily use.

Added to this is the course in Heights, “which is fundamental”, intended for tasks which are carried out at a height of above 2 metres and for work with a harness.

Such is the importance that Zaragoza Assemblies Paper gives to Occupational Risks that our workers have even taken the specialised course in Firefighting, thus completing all the business requirements for this sector and conferring upon Zaragoza Assemblies Paper the characteristics which set it apart as a maintenance, assembly and supply of replacement parts’ company in Zaragoza and by extension in Aragon.