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Zaragoza Assemblies Paper has specialised technical equipment and staff skilled at repairing and fine-tuning machinery, tailoring the work to the needs of our clients, who are mainly companies in the paper production industry.

In our premises of 1500 square metres we have a fleet of machinery which can tackle all the necessary repair tasks.

Examples of the trust our clients place in Zaragoza Assemblies Paper include the reconstruction of equipment and in particular refiners, scrubbers, agitators, pumps, deflakers and gear drives.

alineación láser

Laser alignment system 

For equipment repair and construction of parts Zaragoza Assemblies Paper offers both laser and optical alignment service, thereby assuring work of the highest quality.

The Pruftechnik equipment used at Zaragoza Assemblies Paper ensures that the flatness or measuring of surface uniformity and laser alignment are of the highest quality.

The geometric measuring services used at Zaragoza Assemblies Paper guarantee that machinery is treated with great precision and neatness. To this we can add micrometric levelling with optical equipment and alignment of angles with theodolites in order to obtain the most accurate levelling data on vertical and horizontal angles.

Factory maintenance

The repair team at Zaragoza Assemblies Paper have wide experience in the maintenance and assembly of paper machinery and in particular of whatever is required at any time by our clients. They are prepared to go wherever and whenever they are needed to carry out tasks as varied as equipment repair, eliminating vibrations, changing bearings, pumps, gear drives, refiners, machine rolls, replacing drives and alignment and levelling, as mentioned in the previous section.

Our team of specialist technicians are highly coordinated and effective, thanks to their years of experience in the field as well as the training they have received, including in Occupational Risk Prevention.

In our workshop we can mechanise all kinds of parts in a lathe and milling machine, including spindles, shafts, crankshafts, housings, bearings, etc, as well as,in the  mechanical metalworking section, machine-welded machine parts with mechanised finishes.

Zaragoza Assemblies Paper also has a department dedicated to the task of preparing all kinds of projects related to the renovation of machinery and the conversion and manufacture of replacement parts, in addition to CE Certifications.

The accuracy and organisation of our projects are rated as optimal by our clients, who also have engineers that study them and work closely with Zaragoza Assemblies Paper, making the actions to be taken even more effective.

Machinery and Used Equipment

At Zaragoza Assemblies Paper we also sell repaired machinery with a perfect renovation and tuning.

Maquinaria de ocasión

At Zaragoza Assemblies Paper we also sell repaired machinery with a perfect renovation and tuning.